IUNC …… Attention, new date!:

5th International Universities Networking Conference “IUNC Americas 2020”

FOR YOUR ATTENTION: IUNC Organizing Committee is informing that more than 35% (and counting) of the conference attendees are experiencing difficulties and long delays in obtaining the US visas. We suppose that the reason is the government’s attempt to reduce intercontinental travelings with the aim to contain the Chinese coronavirus and not to let the disease spread to North America. As many of the attendees are from Asia, the Middle East and Africa (the countries with the common borders with China, large populations or high potential of the fast virus spreading because of the low level of healthcare), they cannot obtain their visas in time. The visas are suspended or the decisions of their visa applications are postponed for a while. As the amount of attendees who cannot arrive due to this problem is rather large, it will have a significant impact on the event’s success. IUNC cares a lot about customer satisfaction. It is vital for the conference to gather all interested parties. That is why the IUNC Organizing Committee took a tough choice and decided to shift the dates of the conference to the early beginning of December 2020. We believe until this time, the world community will cope with the coronavirus and all visa issues will be solved. IUNC Organizing Committee apologizes for any inconvenience this date shift may have caused.All IUNC commitments are in force. The agreements will be fully fulfilled during the new dates of the event.  (January, 27th 2020)

IUNC and IAUP have a cooperation to promote their events and so we may inform you about
The 5th International Universities Networking Conference – IUNC Americas 2020 which will take place in Miami, FL, USA, December, 2020.
Please register online at where you will find detailed information of the conference.