What is IAUP Global Mobility

As part of its 2021-2024 Strategic Initiatives, the IAUP promotes and facilitates student and / or faculty/staff exchange amongst its participating member institutions through two specific programs: 

Student Exchange Bank

This call is open for undergraduate students of IAUP Member institutions, in either long or short-term stays, depending on the host institution. Tuition and fees are waived by the host institution. Students, or their home institutions, will pay airfare and ground transportation, plus accommodation, meals, and insurance as requested by the host institutions.

Borderless Professor Initiative

This call gives faculty and researchers  from IAUP member universities the opportunity to carry out visiting professors mobility its participating member institutions. It is held in an annual basis and each one  focuses on a field designated by the host university, which, together with the IAUP, provides the necessary funding to perform the activity. Five placements are granted annually.

Participating Institutions

Get to know the host institutions.

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