WISE Program for Educational Leadership

WISE Program for Educational Leadership

The second WISE Program for Education Leadership took place in Doha, Qatar from September 25 – 28, 2011.  Sponsored by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and co-organized by IAUP, this four-day workshop is conducted annually to help prepare the next generation of global higher education chief executives to manage the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Key topics covered during the WISE Program for Education Leadership include:

  • Best Practices in Institutional Management
  • Principles of Leadership and Variety of Academic Leadership Styles
  • Institutional and Personal Agendas/Goals
  • Coaching and Team Building
  • Decision Making
  • Working with Governing and Advisory Boards
  • Managing Academic Personnel and Resources

Senior academic leaders serving as program mentors and presenters included Past-IAUP President Ingrid Moses (Australia), IAUP Senior Advisor João Sebastião Teta (Angola) and IAUP Executive Committee members Kakha Shengelia (Republic of Georgia), Tayeb A. Kamali (UAE), and Fernando Leon Garcia (Mexico).

Selected from a competitive pool of candidates, participants in the WISE Program for Education Leadership are presidents, vice chancellors, and rectors represent state and independent universities in the developing world.  Alumni of the program include university chief executives from Iraq, Haiti, Ecuador, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, India, Pakistan, and Colombia.

The initiative is organized by the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and the Institute for International Education (IIE) with support from the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

Requests for information about the WISE Program for Education Leadership can be emailed to IAUP Deputy Secretary-General Jason Scorza at