1st Regional Meeting 2018

IAUP - AUAP joint conference

hosted by Joniarto Parug (Rector)
University of Surabaya (UBAYA)
Developing the Sustainability of Higher Education Institutions in the Digital Era



Annual International Conference on Governance and Sustainable Development

International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators

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2nd Regional Meeting 2018

Changchun University of Finance and Economics - 30th anniversary

hosted by Li Shufeng (President)

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2nd Semi-Annual Meeting 2018

National University of Cuyo

hosted by Daniel Ricardo Pizzi (Rector)

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1st Semi-Annual Meeting 2019

SIAS University

hosted by Shawn Chen (Founder)

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2nd Semi-Annual Meeting 2019

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

hosted by Alan Davis (President & Vice Chancellor)

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1st Semi-Annual Meeting 2020

Tbilisi State University

hosted by George Shervashidze

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