We are currently living in unprecedented times; a time of both opportunities and challenges, but above all a moment that calls for institutions of higher education to rise to the occasion.

It is in this context that the IAUP seeks to provide an opportunity to learn from what is working, take note of what has not, and improve on what we must, reinventing and innovating, extending the boundaries of what we know.

Currently, we are all facing three stages: Emergency, Transition, and Transformation. As we proceed, we will need to be mindful of each institution’s mission, focusing on quality, as well as financial and operational sustainability. As we move forward we will also need to be very strategic, while keeping in mind Empathy, Solidarity, Opportunity, and Flexibility.

Embarking on the next triennium of IAUP, the four key words for this Presidency are: Recovery and Transformation, Innovation and Inclusion. They capture what we will have to face as institutions in higher education.

This involves both IAUP as an organization, the membership of IAUP, and IAUP in the ecosystem of higher education around the world.

Together, we will strengthen the leadership around the regions that IAUP represents and serves. We will reaffirm existing partnerships and collaborations with higher education organizations, and create new ones.

All in all, we hope that with our Team, that includes members of the Executive Committee, as well as our colleagues and networks from around the world, we will provide a more solid foundation for IAUP to support higher education institutions on their challenge to serve their students and regions with quality, more effectively, with greater relevance and responsiveness, and in a more inclusive and innovative manner.

Dr. Fernando León García
President, IAUP
President, CETYS University