Great Success of IAUP semi-annual meeting in Spain

Great Success of IAUP semi-annual meeting in Spain

With record attendance for a semi-annual meeting and an excellent program, including two panel sessions, the Spain meeting held at the University of Alcalá, was a resounding success. Dr. Fernando Galván, Rector of the host institution was a very gracious and elegant host, keeping our group punctual to all activities. The networking was rich and participants had lively discussions both during the business meetings –with very important decisions regarding the future of the IAUP- and during the periods assigned for the panel sessions.

The two panel sessions had high caliber presentations by the following outstanding speakers:

Panel Session 1: Universities and the Preservation of Culture: an International Challenge


  • Ramu Damodaran (United Nations)
  • Juan Ramón de la Fuente (UNAM, Mexico)
  • Remus Pricopie (SNSPA Bucharest, Romania)

Panel Session 2: Higher Education Institutions and Sustainability


  • Carmen Z. Lamagna (AIUB, Bangladesh)
  • Daniella Tilbury (University of Gibraltar)
  • Fernando León García (CETYS, Mexico)

Some of the presentations are available by clicking on the following link:

We hope that you find these presentations informative in regards to what is happening around the world in higher education in the topics of Universities and the Preservation of Culture and Higher Education Institutions and Sustainability.

Jorge Gomez
Author: Jorge Gomez