UNAI sponsors the Second Climate Change Academic Meeting

UNAI sponsors the Second Climate Change Academic Meeting

Marraquesh, Morocco

United Nations Academic Impact, a partner of IAUP since its inception in 2010, will be the sponsor of the 2nd CCAM 2016, Marrakech (Second Climate Change Academic Meeting: “University Intellectual Social Responsibility”.) This will be also the COP 22 -22nd Conference of the Parties, and will be held in Marraquesh, Morocco next November 10 & 11, 2016.

The host institution is the University of Cadi Ayyad, Marraquesh and will have as partner institutions the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (Vatican State) and the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina,) which is a very active IAUP member institution and whose Rector id a member of the IAUP Executive Committee.

One interesting characteristic of this meeting is that not only university presidents, but also university professors will be welcome to participate in the meeting. University presidents may wish to send one or several professors representing their institution.

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