Leadership Development Program for New and Emerging Presidents takes place in Mexico City

Leadership Development Program for New and Emerging Presidents takes place in Mexico City

More than 20 current and former presidents, vice chancellors, rectors and higher education experts from around the world joined the second edition of the Leadership Development Program of The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP). From June 6 through June 9, 2022, the select cohort of participants from around the world received insights and individual mentorship from seasoned experts, strengthening their understanding of current trends, key issues, and best practices, as well as their strategic implications for higher education and for their respective institutions.

Touching on relevant topics such as Team Building, Digital Transformation, Student Success, Innovation, Quality Assurance, Management Systems, Data Analytics, Institutional Responsiveness, Diversified Revenue Streams, Financial Stability in Times of Crisis, and Leveraging Key Surveys and Organizations, the program focused on challenges stemming in particular from the post-pandemic era. 

“I have been following IAUP over the years and we, as an institution, joined IAUP in 2012 in New York. My President attended the 1st edition of the IAUP’s LDP in Denmark, and she actually pushed for me to join this 2nd edition. The knowledge she gained are tools that we have used to come up with programs and ideas to better face COVID-19 crisis, to market our University and also to better serve our students’ needs, especially in this challenging time. Throughout the sessions here in Mexico City, we have learned a lot of important concepts that I am certain we will be applying in our universities to manage strategic programs for our students and also to lead our institutions in the upcoming years”, said Dr. Engelbert Pasag, Chief Operations Officer at Pan-Pacific University in the Philippines.

“It has been a great experience to be able to listen to great leaders in Higher Education, experienced Presidents and Rectors who have spent many years facing the challenges that educational institutions have in this context, and also to have the opportunity to interact with them, interact with other peers and share our concerns, but also to reflect about our dreams as institutions of higher education. It all seems to me an enormous benefit”, said Rosa Alejandra García, President-Elect of the Universidad Marista de Guadalajara.

This selective, interactive, and experiential program for university leaders is designed to provide a forum in which participants have the opportunity to discuss complex issues, exchange practical knowledge and experience, and develop their leadership and strategic management skills. “It is our mission to enhance preparation of senior leadership, so they may in turn help their institutions, serve their purpose, and improve education overall worldwide”, said IAUP President, Dr. Fernando León-García. 

One of the actions taken by IAUP to carry out its mission is choosing forums and events that bring together leaders so that they can discuss relevant issues in different parts of the world. The Leadership Development Seminar was first held in 2019 in Denmark and will next take place in 2023.

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