IAUP Semi Annual Meeting is held in Japan

IAUP Semi Annual Meeting is held in Japan

Participants from 14 countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia, took part in the second IAUP Semi-Annual Meeting of 2023 that was held at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka in Japan from September 12-15, 2023, with  discussions led by experts in higher education who explored what institutions have what lies ahead in the future of higher education.

Opening remarks at the IAUP Semi-Annual Meeting in Japan were delivered by Dr. Fernando León García, IAUP President, and Dr. Ichiro Tanioka, Chairman of the Board of Gakuen Educational Foundation, institution that co-hosted the event. The program included several panel sessions as well as cultural activities, networking events, and the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding between IAUP members.

2023 Semi-Annual Meeting in Japan


Panel Session Ⅰ: Transformational Leadership in Higher Education

Moderator – Fernando León-García, President of IAUP and President of CETYS University (Mexico)
– Lethokwa Mpedi, University of Johannesburg (South Africa)
– Shawn Chen, SIAS International University (China)
– Tomás Morales, California State University (USA)
– Antonio Leaño, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (Mexico)

Panel Session Ⅱ: Developing Well Rounded Graduates and Employability: Do we have to choose?

Moderator – Fernando Galván, Universidad Alcalá de Henares (Spain)

– Assylbek Kozhakhmetov, Almaty Management University (Kazakhstan)
– Takahiro Ono, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Japan)
– Xie Hui, Hunan University of Science and Technology (China)
– Balvir Tomar, NIMS University (India)

Panel Session Ⅲ: Women’s Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator: Ramu Damodaran (UN)

– Elizabeth Stroble, Webster University (USA)
– Carmen Lamagna, American International University (Bangladesh)
– Devorah Lieberman, University of Laverne (USA)
– Eun-jo Lee, Seoul Cyber University (Korea)

Panel Session Ⅳ: The Changing Dynamics of Higher Education: A Comparative Perspective on Enrollment Trends

Moderator – Gerald Reisinger, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Austria)

– Ichiro Tanioka, Tanioka Gakuin Educational Foundation (Japan)
– Sabur Khan, Daffodil International University (Bangladesh)
– Sandeep Pachpande, ASM Group of Institutes (India)
– Stephen Williams, Nottingham Trent University (UK)

Panel Session V: AI, Chat GPT, and Technology: Temporary or Here to Stay?

Moderator – Noé Chirino, CETYS University (Mexico)

– Randy Frisch, City University of Seattle (USA)
– Thandwa Mthembu, Durban University of Technology (South Africa)
– Abubokor Hanip, Washington University of Science and Technology (USA)
– Ylva Rodny-Gumede, University of Johannesburg (South Africa)