Global Higher Education Leaders Convene in the UK to Discuss the Transformation of Higher Education

Global Higher Education Leaders Convene in the UK to Discuss the Transformation of Higher Education

More than 40 higher education leaders from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas convened in Nottingham Trent University (NTU) for the 2024 IAUP Semi-Annual Meeting in the UK: “Transforming higher education, transforming lives”. 

Held from March 7-9 in both London and Nottingham, the event featured more than 20 speakers who shared their expertise and perspective on the profound impact university presidents have on leadership, enrollment, student experiences, the workforce, industries and the world itself as higher education continues to evolve post-pandemic.

“The IAUP Semi-Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for university leaders from around the world to come together to focus on the challenges of leadership and transformation. A key theme of this meeting hosted by Nottingham Trent University was the role of universities in transforming student lives as well as our local economies and the environment for the betterment of our planet and the societies in which we operate”, stated Dr. Edward Peck, Vice-Chancellor and President of NTU.

“For the last triennium, the IAUP has focused on the transformation facing higher education as we continue to recover from the pandemic. In this Meeting at NTU, we delved into how this transformation is taking place in different latitudes across the world as we adapt to changing demands from students, governments and communities, and how to continue planning for effective, efficient and sustainable transformation in institutions”, said Dr. Fernando León García, IAUP President and President of CETYS University in Mexico. 

The sessions explored everything from the use of technology for various aspects including meeting funding demands and supporting student mental health, to the need for a clear path to transformation, as well as specific cases that reflect the impact of universities driving business and innovation in communities. In addition, there was a presentation of the preliminary results of the 2023 IAUP Survey on Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Era, with perspectives of university leaders on leadership priorities, institutional responses, and future outlooks, among other topics.

The three-day program featured six panel sessions, an MOU signing ceremony, as well as several networking opportunities where attendees explored innovative approaches to leadership while sharing best practices and strategic insights into the ever-evolving global landscape of higher education. 

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