IAUP at the 2024 NAFSA Annual Conference: Celebrating Resilience, Renewal, and Community

IAUP at the 2024 NAFSA Annual Conference: Celebrating Resilience, Renewal, and Community

The IAUP proudly participated in the 2024 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo held in New Orleans, LA from May 28-31, 2024. This year’s conference celebrated international education and global leadership under the theme “Resilience. Renewal. Community.” The event facilitated meaningful connections among colleagues from around the world, fostering a collaborative environment essential for the advancement of international education.

During the conference, IAUP engaged with numerous distinguished leaders, including Fanta Aw, CEO of NAFSA; LaNitra Berger, Chair of the NAFSA Board; Francisco Marmolejo, President of Higher Education at the Qatar Foundation; and Hilligje van’t Land, Secretary General of the International Association of Universities (IAU). Representing the IAUP and the NAFSA Board, alongside Texas Tech University President Lawrence Schovanec, IAUP hosted a delegation of university presidents from a diverse array of countries including Romania, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. This gathering underscored IAUP’s commitment to fostering global partnerships and advancing international education through resilient and renewed community efforts.

Dr. León García also took part in a panel session on “Global Outlook: Perspectives on Geopolitics on International Education”, which involved the role of international education, universities, and leaders in current times where we are facing increasing polarization, politicization, and populism. Moderating the session was Esther Benjamin (CEO of World Education Services) along with fellow panelists Fanta Aw (CEO of NAFSA), Piet Van Hove (President of EAIE), and Cesar Wazen (Chief International Officer of Qatar University).

This panel session and the broader conference activities highlighted the critical role of international education in navigating and addressing contemporary global challenges, emphasizing the importance of resilience, renewal, and community in these efforts.