Hunan Normal University

Hunan Normal Univeristy( short for HNNU): founded in 1938, located in Changsha, the capital city of Hunan provice in the central region of China, HNNU is a very comprehensive university. As one of universities of  the “Project of 100 Key Universities in the 21st Century” (the 211 project), and a “Double First Rate” university jointly constructed by China’s Ministry of Education and Hunan Provincial Government, HNNU has developed very fast these years. Ranking around 50th place among more than 2000 universities in China, HNNU has about 2200 faculty members, more than 40000 students including 1200 international students from all over the world. HNNU has a complete range of disciplines spreading across 24 colleges, providing undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D programmes, covering 11 disciplines such as literature, science, engineering, medicine, art and so on. HNNU warmly welcome exchange students and visiting professors across the world. More information, please click:

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Li Miao (李苗), Associate Professor

Deputy Director

Department of International Exchange and Cooperation or


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