Past Events

2nd Semi-Annual Meeting Mendoza


hosted by National University of Cuyo

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2nd Semi-Annual Meeting 2018

National University of Cuyo

hosted by Daniel Ricardo Pizzi (Rector)

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2nd Regional Meeting 2018

Changchun University of Finance and Economics - 30th anniversary

hosted by Li Shufeng (President)

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1st Regional Meeting 2018

IAUP - AUAP joint conference

hosted by Joniarto Parug (Rector)
University of Surabaya (UBAYA)
Developing the Sustainability of Higher Education Institutions in the Digital Era

1st Semi-Annual Meeting 2018

Azerbaijan State Oil & Industry University

hosted by Mustafa Babanli (Rector)

2nd Semi-Annual Meeting 2017

Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara

hosted by Antonio Leano Reyes (President)
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