Opportunities for Involvement

Established in 1964, IAUP is the only global association of university CEOs—all of whom are presidents, rectors or vice-chancellors from accredited colleges and universities — without a costly central office or professional staff. This keeps the cost structure low and ensures that the activities of IAUP are defined by its members.

Current activities and opportunities include:


High-level Representation to the United Nations

IAUP is a non-governmental organization holding consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).  With that distinction, IAUP’s President may appoint member-university presidents to committees within the UN NGO system, including New York, Geneva and Vienna.
This means you have the opportunity to review the array of UN initiatives and be nominated as a delegate to work on policy committees or commissions that interest you, either personally or from an institutional perspective.  Examples include the Committee on the Status of Women, the Committee on HIV/AIDS, the Committee on Sustainable Development, Committee on Narcotics & Substance Abuse, the Committee on Human Rights, and the Committee on Finance for Development.

IAUP/UN Commission on Disarmament Education, Conflict Resolution and Peace

IAUP is the only external organization to manage a joint commission with the United Nations.  Commission delegates are appointed by IAUP’s President, in consultation with the Commission Chair.  IAUP was instrumental in creating the Year of Peace at the U.N. and is recognized annually at the U.N.’s Day of Peace activities.
This means you have the opportunity to be appointed to this rare, high-level commission making recommendations directly to the UN Secretariat.

U.N. Academic Impact

IAUP is the lead partner organization with the United Nations in creating its Academic Impact initiative. Leadership opportunities continue to exist for IAUP members in managing this global initiative of educational institutions.
This means you have the opportunity to take a leadership role in working with the United Nations Department of Public Information in shaping the initiative and promoting its goals and distribution.

WISE Leadership Institute

Sponsored by the Qatar Foundation and co-managed by IAUP and IIE, this summer leadership program trains new university presidents around the world in management strategies for leading their institutions.
This means that you have the opportunity to participate in the development and teaching of the training modules for new university presidents and develop personal relationships with them.

World Bank Interaction

IAUP has a representative on the Steering Committee of the World Bank’s Research Alliance for Development and is working with the World Bank to enhance higher education capacity in less developed countries.  Other initiatives are in developmental stages and need additional member interest to move forward.
This means that you have the opportunity to interact with the World Bank as a representative of IAUP, working with that body to create programs that meet your interests and improve the educational infrastructure in lesser developed countries.

UNESCO Interaction

IAUP is an accredited NGO with UNESCO.
This means that you have the opportunity to participate in activities carried out through the Division of Higher Education (World Conferences on H.E., Seminars and the UNESCO Unitwin and Chairs Programs) as well as present proposals for funding, through the Participation Program of UNESCO, especially to assist higher education institutions in developing countries

International Education Faculty Achievement Award

Each year IAUP recognizes faculty who make significant contributions in curriculum development for world citizenship and who prepare students for successful careers in our global economy.  Each member president of IAUP may annually nominate one faculty member from his or her university for a certificate of acknowledgement that is signed by IAUP’s President and the member university president making the nomination.  One award is given to each member university each year, but the time of the award aligns with each institution’s cycle of an honors or award ceremony.
This means that you have the opportunity to recognize with a prestigious award from a distinguished international association those conscientious faculty who are making a difference at your university

IAUP Leadership Positions

There are on-going opportunities for member-presidents to serve in leadership roles as members of the IAUP Executive Committee, regional chair, vice-president, or task force members.
This means that you have the opportunity to provide leadership and direction to an international association that holds the highest accreditations with many of the most distinguished organizations working for world peace and development, including the United Nations and UNESCO.  IAUP is the Global Voice of Higher Education, and the IAUP leadership has the ability to channel that voice and serve as its spokesperson.

IAUP Commission on Women’s Education

This is the newest commission of IAUP, created in 2007 to advocate for women’s education through networking and collaboration among universities and colleges worldwide.
This means that you have the opportunity to  share and shape practical approaches to increase educational opportunities at tertiary level for women and career advancement within tertiary education.

IAUP Global Surveys

IAUP conducts global surveys, three times each year, of university CEO’s on issues that challenge the world and higher education.  We maintain a database of more than 4,000 email addresses and reach higher education leaders through both print and online access.
This means that you have the opportunity to submit questions and themes for future polls and offer their analysis as part of press releases to such outlets as The International Herald Tribune, Alcazar World, The New York Times or China Daily.

Presidential Updates

IAUP members receive periodic updates on issues and forums of interest to chief executive officers in higher education.
This means you have access to a global online network of peers.  IAUP offers members access to its network for information that is is comprehensive and of clear interest to the chief executive officers of higher education worldwide.