The following event by one of our IAUP members may be of interest to many in higher education, especially those interested in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Building up a communal environment for higher education has been related to factors like modernization, innovation and internationalization of educational systems supported by the principle of convergence. LACHEC 2014 version seeks to take up the principal initiatives developed on the region based on this purpose, and contribute as an academic scenario to the discussion about advantages, challenges and opportunities that this process might bring to the universities.

Create an environment for dialogue and academic analysis on the implications, challenges and opportunities of academic integration as a challenge to the definition of a space of higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean, from the intervention of proposals and initiatives raised previously by various actors and scenarios in the region.

Contribute to the generation of proposals and a joint dialogue that articulate the advances and efforts developed by different actors in the field of academic integration and definition of a common area of higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean; that serve as an input for the definition of strategies by Governments and Government agencies of the country.

  • Socialize the potentialities, advantages and forms of participation on the part of the IES national and international projects of academic integration that are promoted by associations, academic networks, universities and multilateral agencies working initiatives aimed at the common space of higher education in the region.
  • Analyze the articulation and relevance which must have the academic integration of higher education proposals directed towards the purposes of macro-projects of integration as well as educational, social, political and economic fields.
  • Promote the development and innovations in curricula and strategies of internationalization of the IES on the generation of intercultural competencies to facilitate the academic integration.